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Minimized Arduino version for mini with ATMEGA168, which also includes the Reset button, one LED on the power indicator, etc.

We deliver with unacked contacts!

One of the smallest development boards with its dimensions and arrangement of pins is perfectly suited as a module for various electronic constructions.

The board does not contain an integrated programmer and you need to use a USB - UARD converter. In terms of software, the board is programmed via the integrated Arduino IDE development environment that offers a simple and clear Wiring programming language.

This board is suitable for both novice and advanced and thanks to its versatility can be used in almost every project.


Microcontroller ATmega168p

  • CPU frequency up to 20MHz
  • Flash 32kb
  • sram 2kb
  • 14x Digital I/O
  • 1x 10-bit adc 6 channels
  • 6 pwm channels
  • 2x 8-bit Timer-Separate Prescaler + Compare Mode
  • 1x 16-bit Timer-Separate Prescaler + Compare Mode + Capture Mode
  • 1x programmable Watchdog Timer with separate integrated oscillator
  • 1x usart
  • 1x SPI
  • 1x i2c
  • 1x analog comparator
  • 1x real time circuit - RTC with separate oscillator
  • Interrupt and Wake-up when changing levels to pin
  • oscillators, reset and power management:
    • power: 1.8 - 5.5V
    • reset when power-on (power-on reset) and a programmable low-voltage detector (brown-out)
    • external to 20MHz oscillator for CPU
    • internal 8MHz oscillator for CPU
    • internal oscillator for RTC
  • Low consumption mode:
    • Idle, ADC Noise Reduction, Power-Save, Power-Down, Standby and Extended Standby

Development board

  • plate dimensions: 34mm x 18.5mm. Pins pitch corresponds to standard 24pin dip case - Breadboard Friendly
  • input voltage: 7 - 16V or 5V
  • source: 5V - maximum current consumption 100mA
  • reset button
  • 16MHz crystal
  • integrated LED - Power
  • integrated LED - L controlled programmatically
  • the board is powered by means of power pins or from the connected USB - UART converter
  • weight: 11g


The product may require professional assembly, not a separate functional total.

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