MKS TFT 2.8 " - touch screen
The MKS TFT28 touch screen allows you to comfortably control your printer. Display supports USB flash drive connection, SD card. You can connect with a supreme module via WiFi. Read more

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  • 2.8 inch full colour touchscreen, supporting USB flash drive and SD card
  • provides continuous software updates, upgrade method is easy
  • can be used in Ramps 1.4.´ and MKS Base, MKS Gen, MKS Mini and a range of motherboards
  • no need to modify the main program, supports Marlin, Repetier, Smoothieware firmware
  • supports print on shutdown, save on shutdown
  • support no material detection
  • boot logo and buttons can be designed
  • possibility to add custom button



The product may require professional assembly, not a separate functional total.

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