Radial fan 5015 50 mm
Radial fan 5015 - 50 mm diameter 15 mm thickness. 5 V, 12 V or 24 V Read more

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  • Size: 5015s
  • Size: 50*15 mm
  • Rotation speed: 5589+-5% revolutions per minute
  • Bearing type: oil-bearing
  • Working temperatures: -10+60ºC
  • Current: 0.1a
  • Consumption: 1.2W or 2.4W
  • Noise: 30dba
  • Lifetime: 28000 hours at 40ºC
  • Connection: red plus, black minus

Cable length at 5V fan is about 70 cm, at 12V about 29 cm and for 24V 28 cm.

5 V variant has a molex connector (RAMBO, EINSYAMBO, BUDDY) and 3 venous cable.

5 in the fan for MK3S and for mini has different power, we recommend respecting the destination.

5 V fan for i3 MK3S has a current of 0.35 A and a thicker cable.

5 V fan for mini has a current of 0.24 and and thinner cable.


Before connecting, check the connector polarity. red plus, black minus.

The product may require professional assembly, not a separate functional total.

Radial fan 5015 50 mm
Radial fan 5015 50 mm

3,48 €

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