BMG Extruder
BMG Extruder is a lightweight two-drive extruder capable of working in Bowden 3D printers and direct drive printers. Read more

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BMG is characterized by a 3: 1 gear ratio, a perfect combination of speed for applications with high flow and accuracy for small nozzles, high-resolution parts. Please note that this extruder is sold without an engine, add it if necessary!

Dual drive

Two drive wheels grasp the fiber from both sides and provide a strong and reliable inlet to the hotend.

Easily adjustable voltage

BMG is designed with side doors that hold one of the double gears. These doors are held by closed spring tension. This bolt allows accurate tensioning of the driving gears for perfect fiber holding as well as the ability to release tension and easily load or unload the fiber.

More Mounting options

Bmg is designed for assembly with a mounting slot on the underside for the E3D heater or groove for bowden tubes. The lightweight BMG design is ideal for direct-drive configurations because it reduces the weight of the tool head. Thanks to the lighter tool head, the printer can move faster without sacrificing accuracy or print quality due to fluctuations.


  • Supported fiber diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Weight (without engine): 75g
  • Step value E: 415
  • Compatible Step Motor: Nema17 (5mm Shaft)
  • Transfer: 3: 1
  • This is a fully functional copy - which we use every day on our printers.
BMG Extruder
BMG Extruder

17,55 €

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