SKR PRO - 32 bit control board
Motherboard SKR PRO V1.2. Read more

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  • Size: 147 * 95 mm
  • Microprocessor: ARM 32-bit Cortex-M4
  • Input voltage: DC12V - DC24V
  • Driver working mode: STEP / DIR, TMC2130-SPI, TMC5160-SPI, TMC2208-UART
  • Display: BIGTReTech TFT28, TFT35, LCD2004, LCD12864


  • 3 Colors of Filaments
  • 6 drivers
  • CNC fan
  • Wifi
  • Continuation of printing after power failure
  • Interruption detection
  • Automatic shutdown after printing
  • Automatic pad calibration / direct BL-touch support
  • Micro SD card / USB flash drives (USB is not yet supported in Marlin)


Development information can be found on GitHub. Manufacturer


Product may require professional assembly, not separately functional in total.

Refurbished board is fully functional - 12 months warranty for used goods. Refurbished electronics may not have a complete accessory - always includes a microSD card board itself, others according to what the customer has returned to us.

Control boards as the only one in Europe are repairing, do not hesitate to contact us.

SKR PRO - 32 bit control board
SKR PRO - 32 bit control board

63,26 €

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