Felfil Spooler - filament winder

Felfil Spooler - filament winder

Felfil Spooler complements Felfil Evo and allows easier extrusion with better results. Read more

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Thanks to the Felfil Spooler, the filament you pull out will be automatically wound. The system is very simple: Place the feltfil EVO, fans and feltfil spooler next to the other, make sure that the fiber you pull out, passes through the supports and insert it into the coil.

In addition to comfort, you do not have to manually wipe the thread, which means that you will work faster, with this system you will have an even higher quality. Foolil spooler is actually equipped with a fiber control system and guarantees a constant thread thickness and automatically calibrates your thread.

FELFIL Spooler contains preferences for the most common material, but can also be used in user mode for experimental materials. In addition, the distribution allows the fiber to be distributed and the clutch does not stretch it; Four fans whose air flow is adjustable will cool the fiber before it destroys it.

FELFIL Spooler allows you to use almost any type of coil thanks to its design.

The engine automatically adjusts the speed according to the pushes speed and the clutch tightens the filament for better winding. In this way, the fiber will be neatly wrapped. In addition, you can set the travel track according to your coil (max 10 cm).

 Technical parameters

Felfil Spooler - filament winder
Felfil Spooler - filament winder

709,60 €

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