PLALAMENT 1.75 mm PC gray devil design 1 kg

PLALAMENT 1.75 mm PC gray devil design 1 kg

Filaments of the Polish manufacturer Devil Design are offered in a wide range of colors, computer gray color is a novelty since September 2017. The manufacturer guarantees the thickness of the print string +/- 0.05 mm. We recommend starting printers who want to print in color without the need for large more expensive coils. Read more

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Producer: Devil Design

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Material Pla is the most commonly used material for FDM printing technology, suitable for printing large objects.

1kg coil is vacuumly packed together with moisture absorber and placed in a cardboard box along with a label with information about the recommended print temperature settings.

The weight of the coil including the packaging 1.4 kg.

PLA is easy to print, is biodegradable (thus environmentally friendly). However, it is a material that is not suitable for outdoor use, degrades and fragile when exposed to UV radiation. It is also not temperature resistant. Already at 30 ° - 50 ° C prints soften and deform. Therefore, it is not advisable to carry prints in cars. PLA is a flammable material. Therefore, we recommend that you do not leave the printer when printing with this material unattended for a long time.

Plastal treatment of Pla - the material cannot be easily sanded, grinding (friction) produces heat that causes "pulling" fibers from prints. Therefore, it is advisable to cool the printout for example by grinding it under water. For the same reason, holes are difficult to drill into the print (again the problem with warming up). It is advisable to spray the material first (used in modeling) and then grind, spray again and over and over until the model is perfect for us and then spray it with paint. The resulting model can also be inserted into the "tie" along with shells, stones, remnants of filaments, pieces of prints and get rid of undesirable errors, residues, etc.

Recommended PLAV Settings: To print, you only need to use commonly used nozzles (brass). The nozzle diameter is chosen according to the subtlety of the surface we want to achieve, respectively. Depending on the layer force setting during printing. There is a conversion pattern for this optimal setting, nothing less is sufficient by a simple rule: +/- 0.2 mm - ie. If we want a layer thickness of 1.25, the nozzle should not have a larger diameter than 0, 3 mm . For larger layers we use a nozzle with a larger diameter at weaker on the other hand with smaller ones.

pad temperature - no heating is required or just for better adhesion of the material to the pad up to 50st. C.

Recommended setting: print temperature: 208 ° , retraction 0.8 mm, speed 60 mm/s (outline 70 %), layer 0.2 mm - 0.05 mm. When using a PEI foil printer, the mat must be easily degreased. The resulting print is smooth, relatively shiny without visible errors.

PLA material printing with supports - suitable support for prints are made of the same material PL or PVA (water-free material), not suitable hips.

for storage We recommend securing a dry environment. In poor storage in a humid environment, it absorbs moisture, which manifests itself as bubbles on the surface.

Additional information

Category: PLA
Barva: šedá
Váha materiálu: 1 kg
Průměr: 1,75 mm
Přesnost struny: ± 0,05 mm
Teplota podložky: 50 - 60°C
Teplota trysky: 200 - 235°C
PLALAMENT 1.75 mm PC gray devil design 1 kg
PLALAMENT 1.75 mm PC gray devil design 1 kg


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