Wood Filament Natural 1,75mm Fiberlogs 750g

Wood Filament Natural 1,75mm Fiberlogs 750g

Fiberwood is a desired material in the world of plastic, where it deviates thanks to its natural appearance. Prepared prints can be machined, painted, painted and dyed, which also gained great popularity. Thanks to the beautiful surface of the models it offers a wide range of uses, not only for works of art and design elements. Read more

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35,62 €

Producer: Fiberlogy

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C - 70 ° C
nozzle: recommended min. nozzle diameter 0.5 mm
diameter tolerance: +/- 0.02 mm
Round tolerance: + 0.01 mm

Important :
To avoid clogging the nozzle, use to clean the extruder of your printer after printing with Fiberwood /p>

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Additional information

Category: Wood
Barva: dřevo
Váha materiálu: 0,75 kg
Průměr: 1,75 mm
Přesnost struny: ± 0,02 mm
Teplota podložky: 0-70°C
Teplota trysky: 190-210°C
Wood Filament Natural 1,75mm Fiberlogs 750g
Wood Filament Natural 1,75mm Fiberlogs 750g

35,62 €

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