Hand scanner - handysense

Hand scanner - handysense

The handysense hand scanner uses its own 3D Revopoint camera module and an integrated Al chip to provide accurate and fast 3D scanning. Read more

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Is more durable thanks to a compact all-metal case. The color of the cover is customized to customer needs. The hand 3D scanner is designed to be flexible and easy to use because it is equipped with one click scan software that is ideal for product development and prototypes.


- high performance: thanks to patented technologies

- accurate: accuracy of one sensing up to 0.1 mm

- fast: 3D scan at 10 frames/s and instant data output

- small: weighs only 600 g

- user-friendly: scan one click & amp; Simple software, support for scanning from USB

- safe: received Invisible Infrared Light, Safe to Scan Face and Body



- technology: infrared structured light with two cameras

- the accuracy of one sensing: max 0.1 mm

- accuracy level: normal accuracy, high accuracy

- rack of one sensing: 0.5 mm/m, 0.3 mm/m

- one scanning range: 290x214 (mm)

- working distance: 300mm +/- 50mm

- field depth: +/- 50mm

- scan speed: 10 fps (frame frequency)

- laser: infrared (Safe for Eyes)

-adness: elements alignment (normal scan accuracy only supports elements alignment). Alignment marks.

- minimum scan volume: 100x100x100 (mm)

- dimensions: 215x120x33.6 (mm)

- outdoor scan: is required to prevent strong light.

- scan texture: yes

- scan a special object: for transparent and highly reflective objects before scanning spray powder.

- scanner weight: ≤ 600g

- output format: STL, PAS, Part, ASC, 3MF

- print data output: able to export 3D model directly to 3D printing

- required computer configuration: Windows 10, 64-bit

- computer requirements:

Recommended configuration: graphics card: video & gt; 2GB: i7-6700 processor: 32 GB RAM, high speed: USB3.0

Minimum configuration: graphics card: video & gt; 1GB: i5-6400 processor: 16 GB RAM: High speed: USB3.0



Scanning of the body
To scan the face reconstruction and body, the invisible and safe technique of controlling infrared light is used.

Preservation of cultural artifacts
Collect 3D data of cultural artifacts to help restore and preserve artifacts and build a database of cultural heritage.

Artistic design
quickly Reconstruct 3D models for artistic design usable on materials such as plaster, resin, ceramics, porcelain, bamboo, stone and metal.

*The above accuracy is obtained as standard in the standard laboratory environment that may vary depending on the actual operating environment.

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Hand scanner - handysense
Hand scanner - handysense

2496,70 €

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