Flashforge Inventor I
Flashforge Inventor is a smart desktop printer. Simple to use. It is a successor to the world's popular Dreamer printer. Read more

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Flashforge Inventor is an easy-to-use, smart and affordable desktop 3D printer and the successor to the world's best-selling desktop 3D printer, Flashforge.

UNCHANGEABLE TEMPERATURE - EXCELLENT PRINTING RESULTS A PRINTING ROOM THAT MAINTAINS AND STABLE PRINTING TEMPERATURE, ENSURING MINIMAL SHRINKING of the molten filament to achieve a better printing effect. Flashforge Inventor has a temperature measurement chip along with 5 built-in fans. Real-time temperature measurement allows for stable cavity temperature.

Resume printing in case of power failure
The print resume function after a power failure greatly improves the user experience. No more failed prints due to unexpected power failure. Resume printing immediately when you turn on your Inventor 3D printer.

Monitor the status of your model in real-time
It's not easy to track and model what needs to be printed in dozens of hours. The inventor is equipped with a webcam. So whether you're at home or work, you can always check the status of your print. Using the camera, you can record a video of the print so you can report on every moment of the print.

Happy 3D - making 3D printing even more fun We think that from 3D modeling to 3D printing it should be an enjoyable and easy process. Happy 3D allows you to draw 2D objects or extend them into 3D. Happy 3D gives people an entirely new experience, with over 100 free 3D models with 7 categories of items to create 3D designs by combining two or more models in a few simple steps. HAPPY 3D supports Flashforge 3D printing, accepting design models as inputs and sending them to the 3D printer.


Flashforge Inventor I
Flashforge Inventor I


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