Dimafix spray for better grip 400ml

Dimafix spray for better grip 400ml

DimaFix Adhesive Spray is a sprayable adhesive spray with an aerosol. DimaFix Spray ensures ideal and temperature-dependent adhesion of ABS 3D prints. Read more

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Dimafix Adhesive Spray is a sprayable adhesive spray with aerosol.

DIMAFIX Spray ensures ideal and temperature dependent adhesion of ABS 3D prints on the 3D printer heating bed. Due to the temperature dependence of Dimafix, the adhesive and adhesion of the spray are activated from 60 ° C and higher. At a temperature of less than 60 ° C, spraying has no properties improving adhesion. Adhesion Spray Dimafix is ​​completely soluble in water.

Spray adhesion by looking at the pad temperature:

20 ° C - 60 ° C no optimized adhesive properties
60 ° C - 75 ° C medium adhesion, for simple geometry
75 ° C - 95 ° C high adhesion, for long -term prints and complex geometry
Over 95 ° C very high adhesion, for long -term prints and complex geometry

Instructions for use:

1. Clean the printer printing area.

2. Make sure the temperature is less than 50 ° C on the print pad!

3. Shake the adhesive spray for a few seconds, then apply it by spraying to (unheated; t Bed & lt; 50 ° C!)

4. Wait for a few seconds before the surface dries before heating the pad to the desired temperature. Select the temperature according to the selected material type and recommended working temperatures of Dimafix, see the table above. 3D printing can begin.

5. After printing a 3D object, wait for the print bed to cool completely (t Bed & lt; 65 ° C).

6. Carefully remove the printed model from the print pad.

Advantages: prevents deformation (twisting) of the model, easy to clean because it is soluble in water. The manufacturer presents the use of the Dimafix spray up to 100 applications from one 400 ml package.

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