Prussa Research for 3D printers

Prussa Research for 3D printers

Prusa Research kit 3D printers Original Prussa i3 MK3S+ Read more

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The new version of the popular 3D printer comes with a range of smaller design modifications and includes a new and well improved Mesh Bed Leveling probe called Superpinda. The Superpinda

is a new superpindal, contains a better sensor and a significantly higher quality component. It does not need to rely on the thermistor. Technically speaking, a certain temperature dependence is here to a very limited extent, but it is a negligible influence that it has no chance to influence the correct measurement. Strong>

I3 MK3S printer:

- heated magnetic pad with replaceable printing plates with PEI surface
- new Eins Rambo motherboard
- Tiché Trinamic Drivery with 256 micro-products
- Faster print: 200+ mm /s
- Rellers Homing for X and Y axes
- Detection and recovery from layer displacement
- Increased frame stiffness with reinforcements from extruded aluminum - Better cooling from both sides of the object
- Optional Wi-Fi connection with OctoPrint support
- Folding wheels from Bondt- Filament is shifted from both sides
- Optical sensor recognizes the presence and movement of string
- Automatic stretching of the newly established strings
- SPACE Extruder recognition
- Extruder fan and print fan monitor speed speed. When the extruder fan is blocked, the printer stops printing to prevent damage to the extruder. - ---- The same applies to the print fan. 2 with built -in thermistor -& gt; Faster temperature calibration
- thermistor to control the ambient temperature for electronics

Technical parameters:
- Large workspace- 11.025 cm3 (25 x 21 x 21 cm)
- Integrated LCD, SD card printing (8 GB in package) or from PC via USB />- 0.4 mm nozzle (easy to replace) for 1.75 mm Filament
- layer height from 0.05 mm
- automatic calibration of printing surface
- heated pad with cold corners = even cooling When printing all materials
- automatic compensation of inaccurate compound axes of printing area
- maintenance-free printing area- no glass, no adhesive, no ABS juice

1 kg Pla strings free
No soldering

The entire cabling is ready for the exact length with the connectors.

All needed in packs í
Our package is complete, including all the tools needed for the construction. We don't expect you to have a fully equipped workshop.

supplied tools in package:

- pointed combined pliers
- 2 × matrix key 13-17
- flat screwdriver
- set of imbus keys

The most interesting features of the new original Prussa i3 MK3S

Replaceable Print Plaps

In the new MK52 magnetic pad, high -temperature magnets are hidden to keep special print steel plates in place. We offer three types of plates - steel printing plate with smooth double -sided PEI surface, double -sided steel printing plate with glossy powdered PEI surface and double -sided steel printing plate with granular PEI surface (which is in the basic package). Other types of plates will be possible to buy later.

frame stiffness

One of the qualities that customers asked for most was the improvement of the frame stiffness. Therefore, the MK3S printer has a completely redesigned Y -axis from extruded aluminum. It is therefore the same rigidity of the frame as other printers. At the same time, 10 mm on the Z -axis is added, so it is possible to print up to 210 mm.

quieter and faster print

Thanks to the new Trinamic2130 drivers and the Noctua fan, the MK3S is extremely quiet in the so -called "stealth mode. But even in normal mode prints are quieter than 99% of available printers. In addition, in normal mode is increased print speed. Now you reach a speed of more than 200 mm/s!

width =

Also, it has ever happened to you that you inadvertently wound on the power cord and have lost 20 hours of printing? MK3S will save you in these cases! The printer can fully recover from energy loss. The special sensor recognizes the interruption of the power supply and immediately turns off the heating of the pad and the extruder. You can continue printing after restoring the energy supply.

The MK3S is a completely rebuilt extruder and a new filament sensor. The optical sensor is switched by a simple mechanical lever and therefore does not matter the optical properties of the filament as in previous models. The sensor is also much more resistant than before.

Detection of the shifted layers

Thanks the new EINSY RAMBO with Driver Trinamic, the MK3S is not only quiet but can handle even Detect the displacement of the layers . This increases the overall reliability of the printer and of course user comfort. You can finally say goodbye to ugly prints!

extruder bondtech

Extruder is also improved by original feed wheels from Bondtech. Their advantage is that they push out the filament from both sides, so they increase the power of extrusion and, above all, the reliability of the printing, which you will appreciate especially in flexible filaments. Also the print fan now cools the print from both sides!

probe P.I.N.D.A. 2

MK3S has two new thermistors. The first measures the temperature of the surrounding electronics and helps to prevent the MINTEMP errors in rooms where the temperature drops below 15 ° C. The second we built into the probe of P.I.N.D.A. 2 and we can compensate the temperature drift, so the first layer will always remain in place!

nozzle E3D V6

E3D V6 is a popular all -metal nozzle known mainly for its reliability at high temperatures. The MK3S uses specially modified Heatbreak developed together with E3D. The nozzle has already proven its reliability in Multi Material upgrade and is still able to ensure great performance in a surprising small package.

Prussa Research for 3D printers
Prussa Research for 3D printers

738,12 €

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