Phrozen TR300 Ultra-High-TEMP Resin Gray

Phrozen TR300 Ultra-High-TEMP Resin Gray

Heat resistant gray resin for high temperature applications. Read more

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Resin suitable for LCD 3D printers with a wavelength of 405 nm. When printing on a 3D printer from the Photo Sonic series, it takes only 1.3 seconds to be cured. It guarantees high heat resistance, high mechanical strength and toughness, which is ideal for industrial model and thermal shaping in dentistry.

Package content - 1kg in gray.


Resin Properties:

Viscosity: 160 CPS at 250 ° C
density: 1.1 g /cm3
Tg (glass transition temperature): 220 ° C
Tensile extension at breaking: 2 %< BR /> Tensile strength: 32 MPa
Elasticity modulus: 1850 MPa
surface hardness: Shore 80D
Pencil hardness: 5h (at 500 g) IZOD toughness: 8 kj/m2

Instructions for use

Clean the model with alcohol spray, do not immerse it in alcohol for a longer period of time.
Store resin at room temperature and in dark, ventilated areas. be stored after printing in a closed opaque bottle. Mixing used and new resins should be avoided.
Resin should always be kept outside the reach of children and direct sunlight. In case of direct contact with the skin or eyes, wash them immediately with water.
The resin cannot be easily disposed of. It should be cured and then destroyed as a normal plastic waste.

Phrozen TR300 Ultra-High-TEMP Resin Gray
Phrozen TR300 Ultra-High-TEMP Resin Gray

87,17 €

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