PLA 2.85 mm 750 g green (RAL 6029) 14,03 € 25%

PLA 2.85 mm 750 g green (RAL 6029)

Printer settings: nozzle temperature: 170 - 220 ° C, pad temperature: 20 - 60 ° C. Store the fiber in the bag, cold, dry and dark. Read more

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Producer: 3D4MAKERS

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Poly -seamless acid (PLA) is a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable sources (corn starch or sugar cane). PLA is recyclable, but can also be biologically distributed in composting plants.

Poly -polyester is a polyester that is composed of several lactic acid units. It is colorless and transparent. PLA has a density of 1.25 kg/cm3. The glass transition temperature is usually around 50 ° C, the melting temperature between 170 and 230 ° C. The decay temperature is about 250 ° C. Polymers of lactic acid are flammable.

Main feature listing:

  • Simple Settings for printing
  • Small shrinking when cooling - no heated pad or chamber
  • good print quality even when printing at high speed
  • soluble in sodium hydroxide
  • 100% recyclable
  • Biologically degradable material

PLA filament meets the European regulations EC 1935/2004, ES 2023/2006 and ES 10/2011 on plastic materials and subjects coming into contact with food. The dyes used also meet these European regulations.
To achieve the best print results, we recommend that you keep a 3D printer in a room, without temperature fluctuations. We do not recommend a room where people sleep.

PLA 2.85 mm 750 g green (RAL 6029)
PLA 2.85 mm 750 g green (RAL 6029)

10,51 €

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