MKS SBASE V1.3 control board
It offers the possibility of 5 OS (XYZ and 2 extruders) - easy to connect the touch screen. In addition, it has an Ethernet connection (internet). Read more

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The board is based on the ARM platform and uses 32bit 100m Cortex-MS MCU-LPC1768.

  • Supports network features and remote control via the Internet browser
  • Using 4-layer PCB Plates
  • Support 12V-24V DC input
  • Working with touch screen LCD12864 and MKS TFL



The product may require professional assembly, not a separate functional total.


name MKS sbase version v1.3
Dimensions 146.5x95 mm firmware Smoothieware
voltage 12V/24V DC processor LPC 1768
sensor*3 NTC 100K file format G-Kod
extruder e1, e2 n ° Endstop 6
n ° fan 1 or 2 Connection wifi/bt
Thermocoupe Max31855 Microstep 1/16.1/32
CPU 32-bit ARM, LPC 1768 CHIP (100MHz)
Serial and Driver CDC_VIST
Supported printers XYZ, DELTA, I3, COREXY, etc.
Software SIMPLIFY3D, KISSLICER, CURA, Repetier-Host, etc.
SD card type external module or in LCD module

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