Creality Sprite Extruder Pro

Creality Sprite Extruder Pro

Combination of extruder and all -metal hotnd with high performance. Read more

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Producer: Creality3D

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Compared to a conventional Sprite extruder, Sprite Extruder for equipped with all -metal Hotend, which allows you to print at higher temperatures (≤ 300 ° C) and process multiple types of filaments.

Extruder has a small size of 54 x 50 x 64.3 mm and low weight only 288 g.

has a large torque and extrusion. The double -grade extruder does not damage the filaments, for which it ensures more reliable and stable administration. Dual fans effectively dissipate heat. Can switch between water and air cooling mode.

Use the adjustable tension lever to adjust the pressure exerted on the filament with the driving gears and print more accurate models.

All -metal Hotend with titanium heatbreak allows you to print materials up to 300 ° C. Dual fans effectively dissipate heat. Can switch between water and air cooling mode.

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Creality Sprite Extruder Pro
Creality Sprite Extruder Pro

88,58 €

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54 x 50 x 64.3 mm
Weight 288 g
Rated voltage 1.4 in one -light current
Rated current 0.8 and
Extruder type double -grade
gear ratio 3.5: 1
Maximum extrusion force 80 N
retreat distance Max. 3 mm
Hotend High -temperature Hotend (≤ 300 ° C)